Defend and Protect What is Ours

The United American Defense Force is a humanitarian aid organization that was created to support first responders and protect citizens. Whether for natural or man-made disasters, we believe it is the responsibility of citizens, for the people and by the people, to offer protection and support when first responders are unwilling or unable to fulfill their civic duties.

Are You Ready?

Through these challenging times, the desperation and degree of civil disobedience in our society has become too significant to ignore. We have seen this in Kenosha, Seattle, and other cities across the country. Violent crime continues to surge in both metro and rural areas and we believe that citizens have the responsibility to respond to issues within their communities, which requires communication, organization, and direction. 

The United American Defense Force is committed to restrengthening communities and defending and protecting what is ours. We are expanding our partnerships with anti-human trafficking organizations to combat modern-day slavery. 

How is Human Trafficking a Community Issue?

An article published by the DEA in January 2021 stated, “both domestic and transnational gangs in the United States are increasingly turning to selling women and children for sex.

It’s a multi-billion-dollar criminal enterprise that affects tens of millions of people across the country and across the world. But we are seeing it across our area and even in our own neighborhoods. We have violent gangs and criminal organizations specific to our area who are known, horrific traffickers. Traffickers who target our vulnerable populations, our neighbors, and even our family members.” We encourage you to read the full article here: Violent Drug Organizations Use Human Trafficking to Expand Profits

We believe that effective and collective response is critical to maintaining safe communities. Our efforts to combat human trafficking aims to increase communication, build teams of local members to grow awareness, and work towards finding solutions to human trafficking within their local area.

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